Breaking in high heels

Do you love high heels? but you don't wear them because you're afraid that you might trip and fall? or does the gruesome pain in the feet after a couple of hours you walk in them makes you give up? or are you afraid of the side effects and not willing to wear them? If you've answered 'yes' to any of the above questions, you'll surely want to read more..

If you've always worn flats and sneakers all your life then, your feet will instantly reject the idea of high heeled shoes. It's quiet natural. You'll have go easy. Buy medium heeled shoes. 2 Inches will not hurt you much. Before wearing them outside, wear them at home and try to walk or try to do your household chores in them. This way the stiffness of your new shoes will go and additionally you will get used to them. Being comfortable in what you wear is very important to look confident. If pointed heels are not your thing, don't worry. You can always go for wedges. They are very comfortable and go with most of the casual outfits.

If you've been wearing high heels already then I'm sure you know the pain we go through! But we still wear them.. don't we? Our moms, brothers, boyfriends and husbands warn us of bunions, back pains and what not! We still wear them! People even have tried lines like 'my feet look deformed already'! but hell! yeah, I still wear them. Carrie wore them all the time in 'Sex and the city' and left me with an obsession for a lifetime!!

For all those who feel the need.. here' re few tips tried and used by me. Hope these help you too.

  • Never compromise with quality! It's your feet we are talking about! so, always buy shoes of good quality which has softer(better yet? padded) inner soles and strong heels. 
  • Make sure they have enough space in the front to not cramp your foot. Your toes should fit in comfortably too or you'll end up having blisters! (Not good)
  • Decide what type of heels suit you. There are plenty of varieties to choose from and not just stilettoes. Just don't let your feet suffer.
  • Insert get pads inside your shoes before wearing them. These pads can be used at the ball of the feet and the heel. Ideally when you stand/walk in heels, your weight should fall on the ball of the feet and partially on the heel so we need to provide these two parts enough cushion for protection. (I use 'party feet' insoles from Scholl and they are awesome!) and No, Scholl isn't paying me for this.
  • If your shoes are new, they'll be stiff so wear them and walk within the house several times before wearing them outside.
  • Anything beyond 5 Inches is gruesome. If you have to wear real high heels then go for platform heels. They are super sexy and super stylish!

Walking in them

  • I already mentioned that it is ideal to put the weight on the ball of the feet and not on the sides or toes or heels alone. If not walked properly, it could give you severe ankle sprains and knee pain.
  • Have a pair of stillettos which doesn't have enough support for your feet? Make your own support. Use some good quality ribbons in colours that goes with your footwear. Tie it around the heel at the centre. Loop properly so that it doesn't slip off. Now hold it in such a way that each of it's end is on either side of your ankle and tie it around your ankle and make a bow on the outside or tie it in any fashionable manner for some great support! Something like this, 

  • I wear very high heels mostly on special occasions. For regular usage where I have to walk a lot  or stay out for too long I wear medium heeled  shoes or flats. 
  • Those who worry about the side effects, keep good posture. When you walk and stand right you won't get any back ache.
After and Ever Your feet takes so much pain in wearing the 'oh so painful' shoes! so pamper your feet enough so that it doens't complain. Treat them with pedicure more often and keep them moisturised. 

An additional tip: It's good to carry a pair of flipflops or flats in your bag whenever going out in high heels for a good long time. I carry a pair all the time so when my feel start complaining I can slip on the comfortable pair and the precious tall ones go inside my bag. It could save lives you see!

Nothing lifts up a girl's spirit and her confidence like high heeled shoes. 'the taller the better' right? It shows her sensuality, accentuates her frame, gives an illusion of a slimmer silhoutte and makes her look attractive. 

Want more reasons to love high heels? I'll give you! Scroll down ;)

  • Keep your spirits high and calories low,

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