Closet Series - making it efficient

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My closet is this small portion of my room which contains the whole of my world that needs constant care, cleaning and recycling. I used to be a spendthrift. You know the kinds who buys things for future use? who buys stuff 'only' because they are at an irresistible price? those who buy because they are feeling low? and those who buy stuff because 'they' are in trend? yeah?? that used to be me. And with all this I ended up owning a closet full of everything that did nothing to me. It wasn't just working right for me! 

This Saturday while re-arranging things in my room I realized that with the clothes I have, I could survive for the next 2 years without shopping. I just had to get my creative juices flowing. Heard of 'do the most out of what you have?' well... this one thought works wonders for me. Here are simple tips to help you have just what you need/should have and clear the clutter AND build a closet that works just right!
  • Investigating your wardrobe monthly (I do quarterly) does the trick. I assess each item based on its condition, whether it is one of my favorite items, is it still stylish or out dated and how I can wear it keeping in mind the season. It helps me decide whether to KEEP it or DUMP it.
  • For every new stuff you buy, try and discard comparable number of old stuff which haven't been used in months. It will help you keep your stuff limited and less messy. Also, clothes that need fixes/stitches/alterations get my immediate attention this way and I get them fixed.
  • Arrange the clothes/accessories according to their type/wear/colour. I keep them 'type' wise. It is easy for me that way. Arranging clothes in different shelf's saves me a lot of time and last minute rush.

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Not to forget, the belts, scarfs, accessories and jewelery needs super extra care too. Arrange them separately for a visual satisfaction.
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  • Analyse what you have and what you don't. Now, here is the tricky part. I know a few must haves according to my needs and style. To mention a few

    A classic white shirt
    Jackets/blazers/cardigans in black, beige, white, and grey.
    A pair of good/blue jeans.
    A pair of black pumps.
    A pair of basic flat shoes.
    A pair of comfortable shorts.
    A floral skirt, a little black dress and a good pair of skinny jeans in red/cobalt blue.
    Printed scarf.
    A statement necklace in gold, pearl and multi stranded which goes well with most of my casual outfits.

    These are basic for me because I can wear them with almost all the other stuff that I owe.
    Your list could be different from what I mentioned above. No brainer there)

    The things that I don't have currently, add up to my shopping list. 
    This way I will buy what I need instead of what I already have or don't need. Simple. Right?

    Before buying anything new, I ask myself how many different ways can I use this stuff? saves me a lot of money. Trust me 
  • Know your style, don't simply buy things because some one else has it. What looked great on Kate Bosworth might not look good on you. It is very important that you know how you want to look considering your comfort zone, body type, colour preference and the occasion. For example, I admire how Malaika looked in that Forever21 stripped mini but I wouldn't go buy it, because I don't wear minis that short and I don't think I can carry it off with ease. Instead I form inspirations from the looks I like (from runways, magazines, other bloggers, yada yada) so that when in doubt, I mix and match my clothes and accessories keeping those inspirations in mind. 
    For Example, how I form my inspiration from looks and recreated it earlier


Mix and match is super fun and can never go out of trend. Just be smart though!
  • Sharing and swapping is fun. I swap stuffs with my sister, mother and few best friends and it is always a pleasure to wear their stuff.
Keep your spirits high and calories low,


  1. I am glad you did this post because this year I decided to make it a point to wear EVERYTHING in my closet and then buy anything new! I am exactly like you in the sense I shop when I feel low, high or anything in-between :) Found this post very useful!

  2. You have mixed and matched your outfit very creatively! And also Thanks for the fashion advice- I will try to follow them consciously !

  3. love this post :) making a mental note to myself next time i organise my closet,!!and i love your outfit :) very cute blog !! following you :)

    check out mine and lemme know too:)