Neutrals and Red

Bright coloured skinny jeans have been a favourite trend since last year. Especially the bright red, cobalt blue, light orange and pink. Worn well, it can make any normal daily wear chic and stylish. I am not very experimental when it comes to sporting too many colours. Especially if it's for a date. I fear boyfriend changing plans at the last minute staring at my outfit for all the wrong reasons. Neutrals preferably beige and bright bottoms never fail. It is safe (if you don't want to look brighter than the bottom itself) and gives you a dressed down yet a chic look. Since it was a day out I choose to go with nude/neutral accessories and shoes to avoid looking flashy. 

Bright red skinny jeans - Mango a similar one here
Beige lace top - CODE a better one here
Beige strappy sandals - Catwalk 
Accessories - PEOPLE

Keep your spirits high and calories low


  1. Love the combination- you are looking great !

  2. Beautiful pants! I love red pants. They are so fun to dress both up and down.