Love it is

"It amazes me how two completely different human beings come together, fall in love and make a perfect couple"

What began as an infatuation turned admiration turned love turned 'can't live without each other' love turned 'you are the one' turned... and has since been turning into so many beautiful and ridiculous forms of love. He gave her butterflies in the stomach that still refuse to leave and she gave him a reason to keep her in his heart. engraved. forever! 
                             When they first met, they never spoke. Strange is, they looked so good when they weren't together'! because whenever they met, they fought. But they always feared that they would hook up with each other some day so kept running from each other. This went on for a while... and then? Things began to change dramatically.. like it happens in Bollywood movies. He secretly started admiring her while she unintentionally blushed every time she caught him looking at her. They softened their conversations and the fights reduced. And then one fine day he asked her out and well.... she said 'YES!' in a breathe. They liked how the so called first date went so they planned a second date and then the third and so on.. every date turned out so be so perfect that till date whenever they go out, they call it a 'date'.

Chocolate boxes.. soft toys.. cards and love letters.. gifts made their way. They loved being with each other and on one of those dates they decided that they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together! Yes. That's how great ideas come up. right? I mean.. instantly. You feel he/she is the one for you!? They just got lucky :)

To be continued...............

Keep your spirits high and calories low


  1. waiting for the continuation...........

  2. hey, you are good at portraying the mood :)...loved it...just like Praveen I am also waiting for the next :)


  3. Dying to read the next part..You have a great way with words :)