It's 'Office'ial

One of the many annoying things about going to office everyday is waking up early! at an annoying alarm tone. We tell ourselves that life couldn't get more depressing. All those people who have a full time job, five days a week would understand exactly what I am talking about here.Moving forward,

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After graduation, our first job gets us  goes unnoticed, from dirty politics to the feeling of being overworked and underpaid. Enough reasons to get depressed. Right? I have had that phase come and go a li'll too many times in my life. all excited and proud. Over a period of time, all that enthusiasm and spirit vanish and you see yourself waking up to a 'what the 'what' am I dong?!' everyday! It turns out into a lifeless routine and we start hating it (at least most of us do). The reasons leading to it vary from the pressure getting on top of our heads when the bosses boss over us, to frustration going down the nervous system when all our hard work goes unnoticed. You can get more creative with your reasons.

But now my complaints seem to have reduced. Touch wood!  If you are curious, I'll tell you all the how and why.

A simple reality check

'Not everyone likes/enjoys their work'. I have accepted this fact. So every time I curse the work I do, I ask myself

'This is what you studied so hard for. Right? This is what you wanted to do'.
'So, do you want to quit? Seriously?'
'What options have I got if I don't like this job?' etc
trust me, self interrogation always helps. I got my answers. I know that I am good at this. I love this work, It's just the place and people making me hate it. Work is a trouble yes. But this trouble pays me. I can buy whatever I want. It makes me independent. 

If you are hopping too much.. STOP!It's me talking. Yes. Hopping sure gives us more money but thinking of a long run in the industry.. hopping doesn't help much. If I like something, the work/job I do, I am going to stick there for the longest I can. A good work environment is not guaranteed in all the companies. You might be an ace in your old organization but when you are new to a place, you will have a lot of people bossing over you (and I am intolerant to that). I have seen and learned from a lot of successful people who work in one organization for a long time, worked hard and grown both in position and skills.. and I learned it at the early stage of my hopping. I am glad that I did!

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If you are good at something, use it to the maximum. If you are working too hard, let people notice you by your work and IF they don't... show it off. You are not faking it after all, You are doing it! You are here to stay. By hook or crook! 
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I mean your nature. Work is a place where one should narrow down his/her choices. It is essential to be good to all and bad to none. Fake it if you have to. But understand.. it is where you work. You are going to see/meet all these people everyday and are going to need help at some or the other point. I am not telling you to be pretentious. All I am saying is, you can't be moody/vengeful/depressed/super friendly/extra sensitive with everyone right? For example, I used to be super talkative and very friendly with alomost everyone in my previous office and that is how I was being tagged at that place (first) and then for my work. It isn't a good feeling if you ask me. All thanks to the bad company I got into. But now I reserve most of my emotions to my private life (that's how I am).

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Reward yourself

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It's okay if people don't reward you. Give yourself a pat on the back or (treat yourself with your favorite dish/cocktail) everytime you do a remarkable job. You might appear to be a clown so don't look into the mirror. Kidding! I do that and no harm so far.. It's all about making yourself happy!

After work Activity

I count hours to go back home when I am at work. I used to do that even in school. Most of us go to gym, dance class or music classes after work or on off days and it is really a great idea to forget work and get over the office blues. I simply go home and buy myself a huge cuppa coffee and watch CID (one of the cheesiest facts about me).

I used to disregard partying on all weekends earlier. but I don't anymore. Because (though not partying is my  personal choice) guess I  know why those party goers feel the need. It is Rejuvenating!! 

Stay Out of Gossips
I love gossips! But I don't do it at work place. Two reasons a. I don't find them interesting b. I love myself way too much to get into trouble. But if you can't give it up (even for 9 hours a day!!) beware of the 'gossip carriers'. They not only carry your words but also generate gossips about you in front of others. True story!

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As I always say there are no hard and fast rules about dealing with situations. It is very individualistic. I was only doing a inbuilt knowledge transfer. Hope it helps ;)

Keep your spirtis high and calories low


  1. Shruti, great post ! I mean it, really. The way you have analysed the whole work- life scenario , that too in such an articulate manner, I loved it . Now I know why my husband ( and my brother too) watches CID of all serials after a hard day at work!

  2. Shruti, I read your entire post and I must say I RELATE to you! I definitely share those feelings. Everyday I drag myself out of bef at 5am and my mind starts churning with all the things I have to do at work, it weights me down and I mentally do a list in my head. I hate that I plan it out and when I get to work I get additional work, so my plan gets destroyed. I do the self-interrogation all the time too! I give myself compliments and TRY to convince myself that my work is fulfilling (which most of the time is ehh) but I'm here because I need my paycheck and like you said that's the key to independence :)

    Great post!

  3. I changed roles, one year back realizing that I was spending way too much time working that spending time with myself. The present role is not even half as glamorous as before there is no ONSITE or a client hike, but atleast today I love the fact that I eat, read, sleep whenever I want too. After all, the purpose of working is self happiness right?