Neon balance

Winter was all about dark hues and warm clothes. February is summery and demands the bright hues out and loud. It is fun to play with colors so I decided to wear this shade of pink with yellow! Most people go safe with pairing neon/bright colors with black or neutrals.. the combination is always a winner. 

For a day out, the pink and yellow thing worked just right for me.  

While wanting to try out this combination, I kept my accessories nude and minimal.
- Bright colors  tend to reflect on your skin so you might want to accentuate your eyes and 
  lips. Go generous with eye liner and easy on the lips. Blush will get us into trouble, so 
  let's skip it.


If you are on my Facebook page, you already know that I won a pair of gorgeous shoe clips   from Steve Madden India for posting a picture of my weekend purchase from their stores. The courier arrives right in time as promised and the packaging was so cute. First the discount coupon and now the price. These guys have won my heart every time *big smile*. Thank you!! 

Here's what made my day! 

So What are your favorite colors this season? 

Keep your spirtis high and calories low


  1. Loved the combination, so far I do not have any colored pants or jeans so i am contemplating buying them :) :)

  2. Shruti,

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  3. i love the colour combination!

  4. i love the bright coloured outfit!
    i am now following you really hope you follow back

  5. The combination looks amazing :) You really look smart :)

  6. very nice colour combination! you like spring herself!
    congrats on you winning! that's awesome! I love madden so much as well!

    Inside and Outside Blog

  7. Love what you are wearing! Bright hues and pastels usually don’t suit me much.


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  8. Hi Shruti, sorry it's taken a few days to visit your blog - I love it! Loving the block colouring, I have quite a few of that going on in my wardrobe at the moment! Am following you on Google Connect. Stay in touch!