Sunday Inspirtaion

I always thought that I am a serious kinda person.. which means I have either very less or zero sense of humor. I laugh at people (? mean) and their jokes, I sometimes laugh hysterically at lame jokes and there are times when I have laughed at nothing. Yes, I am not kidding! ( I am a mad girl at loose). But I am no good at making others laugh, be it jokes or otherwise.

Okay.. this was a warning because I am going to go in length about seriousness now. 

I have lived 1/4th of my life (considering that I am gonna hit a century at least). Life is beautiful. There were ups and downs but I always woke up to a new day. I am and have been happy almost all the days. A childhood away from home could never keep me away from my family. I love and am loved by many wonderful people. I have been lucky in love. I have some incredibly insane friends. I have a job (satisfying or not is another story) but these days people feel blessed if they are not fired. right? I may not have the best of everything but I have got all that I deserve and I have yet 75 wonderful years to come.

I am not the kind who would leave my fate in the hands of god or destiny. I believe that everyone needs to work towards what they want out of their lives. Yes, God plans for me but I help him execute those. I tempt him to think twice, I manipulate his decisions.

There are so many things on my mind right now but I see them going nowhere. If I say I don't have time or resources to do those things, please label me 'Loser'! (it would be a favor) instead I sat down with a big cup of coffee and started thinking 
and thinking
okay .. the last thinking ( I am a serious person, didn't I tell ya?)
that every successful individual has at least one 'life changing' moment in his/her life. I haven't had any so far.. now I see why I am not famous. It took 4 cups of coffee and 20 min of face booking and 2 hours and 18 min of online shopping for me to conclude that I have too many distractions in life. No... really. I can prove it!
  • I am not able to crack any Bank P.O exam because I am not studying. I am not studying because I have a full time job and no time for studies (this is what I have been telling my dad) but wrong! I work for 9-10 hours a day and while I can still manage with the free time I get I watch movies, I surf through the internet (I am all over it), I go shopping (window or otherwise) and yeah! I lie on my bed watching stars (day or night!)   
  • I don't have enough savings because with the li'll money I earn, I simply cannot save! (this is what I have been telling myself and everyone else who make me feel guilty by telling about their enormous bank balances) but wrong! I don't keep a track of where my money goes. I shop for myself and for those lovelies around me all the time. It is the simplest and easiest way to express my love (really??!). I have so many occasions to gift. I have 'b'day' present, 'sorry' present, 'I missed you' present, 'you don't have this' present, 'I found this for a real good deal' present, 'I love you' present, 'you scored well' present and 'anniversary' present. Talking about shopping for myself.. I shop when I am feeling low, I shop when my hormones super react (fast or slow), I shop of the  1st of every month and I shop on the last day of the month too. Period.
  • So my Dad gave me a life saving tip, 'write down all that you spend, big or small and you will know'. Yeah right! this is how you plan to kill me, isn't it Dad?? I name it 'guilt killing'!
  • I want a successful career. A very successful one. Not the one I described  earlier ( that was a year ago! then, I evolved). A job I'd love, I'd be happy doing and satisfying (I am talking eternal as well as materialistic satisfaction people!). You see?...  this is where the problem lies. My requirement is so subjective. I don't have it defined, how can you focus without setting a goal? and that's why I decided, I am on it RIGHT NOW! I need to know where this is all going. Where am I going. What and where would I be 5 years from now?


  • I am a stabilizing factor in many of my people's lives but on my own life, I don't have control. I lead it by emotions, in haste (sometimes) and by compromises. I need to say YES where I have to and a NO where I cannot. I mix up right/wrong with everything between love, anger, jealousy, emotions, guilt and many more things. When I was 8 I could hit a bird's eye on the highest branch of a 16 ft tall tree by standing on the ground and now, ask me to concentrate on a chapter.. my mind would wander all over Bangalore but that chapter. (Okay, I exaggerated the first part, please laugh and forgive)
  • Its been months since I hit THE gym. The place which used to be one of my favorite places to hangout. This, I don't have to give excuses to anyone but myself. I have absolutely NO valid reasons for not working out. Do laziness, lack of time management and lack of interest count under valid reasons?? 

I have become less organized, less focused, less ambitious and pessimistic (that's evident, isn't it?) than I actually am. Well, I am glad I am thinking about it. It's okay if I have wasted the most promising years of my life, it's okay if I have let some opportunities go out of my hands, it's okay if I haven't saved enough money, it's okay if I have hurt.. because I won't.  anymore. I am one of those rare people who believe that it's never late for anything (marriage topping the list :-P). It's never late to learn, especially. Right? Learning is the only process that has no age limit. So, I will learn. I will learn forever because I am always going to have list of defects to correct. I am never going to be perfect. like 'Never'. I 'd become boring if I did and I would have no 'life changing' stories to tell you guys.

Tell me your stories too.. I'd love to hear than just keep writing all the time ;)


Keep your spirits high and calories low


  1. Hi Shruti. Firstly, thanks for dropping by my blog :)
    Secondly, i can so relate to each and everything that you've written!
    But, hey, the life changing moment would come, when you empty your mind, of all the unnecessary worries! It is looking for a space, which it cant find, not yet.
    Get up and take charge. Easier said than done. But,then as you say, you are learning, and you will learn! :)


  2. nice post! Writing down your goals and ways to get there is the first step towards achieving them!
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  3. loving this!! what a great blog, keep it up!!


  4. very nice post! thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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  5. Somewhere I found myself writing down all these. I wanted to do MBA, infact cracked CAT, got admission in good colleges but FATE had a different story for me, ended doing MTech and then dropping out after a year. Right now I am content developer with an MNC. Talk about plans!!!