How does it feel to begin a post with 'I am not perfect'?. It feels so human to me. I mean, come on! how much ever we promote narcissism or proclaim 'I love the way I am' and 'wouldn't want to change myself',  I am sure if given a chance (or say to make three wishes), we all will have quiet a list.

I will have the longest list of all. As much as I love myself, there are certain days when I wish I was taller, I wish that my hair was long, silky and never shed (with changing seasons), I wish I had wide eyes and strong nails that didn't break until I chopped them, I would wish for a skin that was resistant to all kinds of damage and et cetera. 

Now, since I know that 'genie' doesn't exist in real and that I cannot grow an inch beyond 5'3, I try and wear clothes that accentuate my legs and make me look (a wee bit) taller. Of course that's no rocket science! It's just shoes and right clothes.

(Added a black belt to break the length of the skirt and define the waistline) 

I take care of my hair like a baby. I oil them, wash them with the best shampoo in the market, condition them  even if I hate the 2 minutes waiting before I wash it off, I tie them up when I am out in the open. But I also Iron them (nobody does that to their babies!) to keep them manageable. This routine helps to my satisfaction. Anything beyond that, would be a sheer miracle!

'Eyes' is where I fail. But my Mom gave them.. I love her so I will keep them. But yeah.. a regular liner, Kajal and Mascara helps a lot. 

Skin is my top most priority. I missed the acne at my teenage so they started appearing in my 20s!! WTF! right? I know. And they left scars. I religiously follow the cleansing-scrubbing-toning-moisturizing-sun screen routine. Be patient with results. It doesn't happen overnight but it does. 

For nails, I need to eat a lot of green stuff and take the disgustingly stinking calcium tablets. That will take a while. But the 'cuticle care' by body shop is helping me right now. A regular pedi and mani does wonders. 

Tee - Silsiley
Blazer - Gap
Jeggings - Jealous 21
Shoes - Bangkok
Accessories - Various shops

This is not what I wanted to write today. I ended up elongating this post but here's my point.

'Perfection doesn't exist. No matter how beautiful you are inside out, there will always be people to tell you where you lack. There will be situations where you will feel you are not the best. The feeling of insufficiency is malignant. Don't let that spread. Be yourself because everybody else is taken, because that's what you are. B.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l' 

and lastly, an advise that works 101% times

Always wear that 'I love what I wear' attitude  

Keep your spirits high and calories low


  1. You are B E A U T I F U L :-)

  2. I personally feel beauty comes from within...once you are happy and content it shows in your skin, hair etc. Though there are moments where I been vulnerable and wished for a NEW me :)

  3. Hello, Shruti! :) The top and skirt make a lovely combination along with the heels you wore with them. The look with the jeggings is cute and casual. Very lovely style you possess.

  4. Awesome post Shruti ..
    will sum whatever bubbling in my head in few words that..
    everyone is in his/her own unique way is imperfectly perfect :P

  5. Firs t of all, I love your skirt and top combo..You look gorgeous..Now, to you post! Love, love it..It's not very often you see people talking about their flaws in this blogging world..It was so awesome reading this post and so refreshing!So true too..We all have our flaws and there are days when we don't feel god about it and then there are days when nothing can bring you down..It's all about yu attitude..Loved it :)

  6. great pictures
    check out my latest post

  7. Hi Shruti,

    Looking absolutely gorgeous as ever. I'm loving your maxi skirt so cute and amazing photos.

    <3 Marina

  8. This is an amazing post :)
    I love how honest it is :)
    The skirt is very gorg! ^_^
    I am your newest follower btw :)
    Namita <3

  9. i love the high waisted maxi skirt :D
    would you like to follow each other
    thanks for your lovely comment

  10. Such a great post! I believe the day you think you are perfect, that is the end of your creativity and inspiration! Love your blue jeans look so much here! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
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  11. Love that maxi skirt - so pretty! And I wish I could grow an inch or two as well - oh well :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  12. Shruti,

    Visiting after some time and read all posts which I felt pending but some I recall as having read. I fully agree with you what you said in the end of this post. Just be yourself and remain confident of self. That will always give true happiness.

    Take care

    PS : On my making visit to your other space I was told it was for invited readers only. Is it?