One dress, two ways

Often I end up planning multiple things on a single day. For example, I plan shopping and lunch with the friends and assuming that I wouldn't get tired, I commit the evening with Sister's family. It not only gets hectic but I find myself running around the room changing clothes and that gets enough frustrating. But then I got smarter with experience. 

Choosing a piece of clothing that can be worn on multiple occasions with or without the accessories. If this isn't clear, see the picture below


I wore this red Charlotte Russe casual dress with denim jacket, black tights and booties for a day out shopping and lunch with girls.


The same dress with black tights, pearl accessories and pumps for a dinner date. Easy peesy! Saved me time and all the fuss. 

  • If you are missing your blazers from the winter, replace them with denim jackets/cropped vests and sheer cardigans which are best for Indian summers. They not only cover your body from sun rays but instantly add some volume and fun to any outfit.
  • Buns, braids and high ponytails are uber fun. I guess summer is the only time of the year that get's me tie my hair up and high. Sweaty hair is a nightmare!
  • Add colorful accessories to jazz up day outfits.
  • Wedges, open toe sandals, flats and thong flats are best during the summer. If I weren't wearing tights, I would have gone with wedges or brogues. For some unknown reasons I cannot wear open footwear with tights.
  • For the dinner date, I replaced all my accessories with pearl necklace, bracelets and a white gold clutch. Pearls add an elegance feminine touch to anything. ANYTHING.

Keep your spirits high and calories low


  1. Very nice dress along with some effortless, elegant style. Great one, Shruti!

  2. I should try AM-PM dress change too...Even I do end up wearing multiple dresses for each occasion (Within a day)....

  3. Great styling girl!! so effortless and chic always.

    <3 Marina

  4. Your dress is cute! nice colour and nice print!

    If you have time then check out my blog and if you like we could follow each other?

    Sita xx