How to wear white casuals

Summer seems to be here forever, isn't it? I took out all the white stuffs from my wardrobe and am wearing them almost everyday! I love to wear white in all the forms (except crow neck tops). I travel a lot everyday to work and white shirts/tunics (formal wear) keep me from feeling the scorching heat on my skin. Even when not at work I love white casuals because you can pair them in many combination of colors and make a great statement. Isn't it?

I'll use these pictures to show you how I love wearing white. (Only western casuals in this post)

V neck tees and denim with flats/boots


With a white jacket/blazer                                                                                                                  

White shirt with denim                                                                                                                                 

White tanks with skinny jeans and nude pumps/flats/thong sandals                                                                                                                  

White tunic/shirt with denim shorts, bright accessories and flats

or... a statement necklace (my favorite look this season)

White jumpsuits with colorful accessories 

White tube tops with minis and some peep toes

last but not the least my all time favorite combination of white and beige!! This can never go out of trend..

I don't follow the 'dos' when it comes to dressing but I definitely remember the 'don't s, so that I don't look like a disaster. so the next segment talks about things to keep in mind while wearing white. 
  • When going for a all white look, use a color breaker. It could be anything. any accessories. It just keeps the look safe and not boring.
  • White clothes tend to get dirty soon.... be extra cautious. There's a thin line between looking classy and looking trashy when wearing white :)
  • We all know the basics.. so I'll skip that ;)
  • Black makes us look slimmer while white, not so slimmer. so, it is good to flaunt your best assets in white clothing. For example, avoid white trousers if you are bottom heavy and  like wise :)   
Keep your spirits high and calories low

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