To me every outfit has a story. It could be as short as a reason or an excuse. Like I have more than one story to tell today, It is too hot to wear jeans. My legs are too tanned to wear shorts. I am not in a mood to dress up because I woke up at 4 freakin' am! like wise.. 

Pleated midis, asymmetrical hemlines, maxi skirts and sheer skirts with half slip are here to stay. This trend came with a 'fashion with comfort' tagline.. agree? I couldn't thank my sister enough today for this cotton skirt. 

Why skirts?
  • Like any other bottom wear, skirts can also be used either to dress up or dress down. Only with more ease. 
  • They are comfortable, uber cool and protect your legs without much exposure.
  • There are PLENTY of varieties to keep you interested and stick to your comfort zone. Short, long, knee length, mini, asymmetrical, pleated, embellished, plain, sheer. 
How to pick the right long skirt?
  • Fits you right at the waist. Elastic bands are better because you can wear it high or low as you wish.
  • Length isn't a big issue as long as you know how you are gonna wear it and what you want to pair it with.
  • Don't buy asymmetrical skirts that are too short at the front with a trail back. They aren't too practical for everyday wear. 
  • Choose the right type of skirt according to your body shape. For example, a bubble skirt ( bulges at the hem like a bubble) wouldn't flatter a person with a round shaped body and a long/frill skirt would make a shorter person look more short. Mirror is your best help. 
  • Dark colored skirts will slim down the bottom part of your body and add length to your legs. 
  • Sheer skirts are classy but be sure they have decent lining or add some slip or get help from your tailor.
How to wear them?
  • Pair midis with classic button down shirts tucked in for a sophisticated look.
  • With lace/frilly blouses for that feminine look.  
  • Sleeveless tanks for a casual wear (with or without jackets)
  • Maxi skirts with long/short tanks for a casual wear, with brocade/embellished corsets(or tubes) and sleeveless tops for a party wear, with tank and denim jackets for a fun look.   
  • Add lot of accessories for a bohemian look.
  • Best paired with thong sandals, chappals and wedges. Brogues, boots and stilettos can add an edge to the whole look. 
On that note,

Wearing my asymmetrical long blue skirt from a vintage store with a slightly embellished marks & Spencer top and lots of neck and hand accessories..

I wore my skirt high. 

My red stiletto boots lifted up my spirit (do not judge them!)

Added a lot of bohemian accessories.

Keep your spirits high and calories low


  1. i loved the entire bohemian look.... great tips by the way and those shoes are awesome :) :)

  2. Shruti,

    Nice to see you back after a gap. Practical advice.

    Take care

  3. Loved the tips.. I am loving the asymmetrical skirt trend,, Need to buy one soon..
    Those accessories have seriously added glam to the entire look !! :)

  4. Love, love, love the shoes! <3

  5. Loved all the tips !! and you look lovely. Loved last picture :D

  6. Oh I liked the shoes. Really! :)
    The vintage skirt is beautiful! Also loved the tips!