D I Y - Glitter Box Clutch

Having lusted over these sequinned clutches (which would cost me an arm or a leg) for weeks.. I decided to make one myself. It wasn't the idea until I found this very old gold box clutch which my mom had given me when I was 17 or so. Most of the things she gave me never go out of trend and I sometimes feel that I can never match with her sense of style or choice. Moving on...

The clutch was discolored, a bit worn out but the embellished stones never moved an inch!!! It was in a perfect condition.


Things you need:

1. An old box clutch (preferably of hard material that can stand color and glue)

2.  Fabric glue, 3D glitter glue and some fine glitter (available in any stationary shops)
    (Coarse glitter is risky since it tends to come off easily)

3. A clear nail polish or a spray on for the final coat.

Apply glue all over the clutch and let it dry for a min or two. Spread the 3D glitter glue all over to cover completely. This will form a base.

Feel free to use your hands 

Now immediately after applying base coat, drop glitter and press it hard so that it sticks well. Do it all over the clutch without leaving any portion. Make sure to do this on a waste mat or paper because glitter is very sticky and doesn't get wiped off easily from skin or clothes. 

Apply how many ever coats of glitter as required. 

Keep it aside and let it dry completely overnight or for an entire day. 

After drying, dust it. You will still have a strong coating so need not worry. 

Apply a thin layer of clear nail polish all over the glittered area and let it dry for few hours. This final coat will help glitter from coming off. 

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