How to get perfect lion mane hair

I remember the time when everyone wanted straight hair.. but that seems like a decade ago. Poker straight hair is good for a high pony, no doubt. This era is all about beachy waves, super curls, lion mane, fringes and sexy short hair. Lion mane hairstyle was earlier thought to be good only for Halloween but thanks to models and actors for sporting them on runways and movies.
                                              I mean.. who could ignore Taylor Swift's gigantic frizzy hair for Allure Magazine? or our own Sarah Jessica Parker sported frizzy and wavy lion mane hair in most of the Sex and the city series and movies. In the recent Bollywood flick, Deepika Padukone changed her hair up from her usual style and looked gorgeous. It looked natural, unkempt and added sensuality to the character that she played. 

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How to achieve a lion's mane hair style?

It's all about adding volume and more volume to your hair.  It's called 'lion mane' because like lion it looks lush/luxurious and swept back from the face and is thick and full. You can get this look at home without visiting saloon every time.

  • Use a volumizing shampoo to wash your hair (washing hair previous night saves a lot of time) and use a very little conditioner (since it tends to soften the hair and will give it a silky fall which is exactly opposite to what we are trying to get here). 

  • Blow dry hair while lifting it from the roots until it is slightly damp. Braid all the hair into several small braids if you want curls or tie it into a high bun if you want just waves.

  • Let the hair dry naturally (or just sleep over it)

  • Unbraid/loosen hair and comb it backwards to untangle it. Back combing is a great way to achieve bouncy and voluminous hair. 

  • A good hair spray comes handy here. I personally like TIGI products. Start from the front with a tiny section of hair, spray it generously, crimp it and then push it forward (over your face). Keep doing this until all the hair is sprayed and crimped in tiny sections and pushed forward, then flip your head back. 

  • Adjust the hair with finger tips or a brush very slightly. 


You are all set to rock! Lioness ;-) 

Keep your spirits high and calories low,  


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  1. Not using hard bristle brushes that are meant for brushing out weaves on your hair.

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