My favourite picks from the Lakme Fashion Week Day 1/2 - Winter/Festive 201

Last year, debutant Nikhil Thampi stole the show. His designs were a breathe of fresh air. I was looking forward to his work this year and I am glad that he did not disappoint. Black was dominant in Nikhil's creation. I had almost forgotten how beautiful black and gold looked together until I saw pic 2 and 3. Love the crushed black and green ensemble.

Very VERY edgy

Black shirt with asymmetrical hemline paired with fringed gold shorts.

Made for the red carpet

Velvet never looked so gorgeous to me. This is something I would wear on my own wedding events!!

Payal Khandwala's designs were earthy, color choice was toned down and was a treat to eyes. This particular piece is one of my favorites. So androgynous and feminine at the same time. Love the yellow and brown.

Richa Agarwal prints were interesting. Lace, crochet and all the colors one usually thinks to be bizarre when worn together, were well coordinated. I particularly love this yellow lace shirt. It is a love at first sight.

Sanea Sheikh for Vizyon

Standing right up to Vizyon's signature style. High cuts and Shimmer. This one is a hit

Roma Narsinghani
I am particularly tired of seeing short, tight dresses/bodices (probably that's why Mr.Verma didn't seem to please me this time). The below outfit needs a big shout out. The more I look at it, the more I want it. See through is comfortable, silk is not hurting my eyes and all this looks the best with brogues.

Priyadarshini Rao

Blue and purple together can rule the world. 

Sneha Arora put together androgynous geek chic very well. Bows are cute.. I am serious. Wear it and turn deaf to whatever people have to say! What caught me is that colorful shirt paired with pleated skirt (we have all seen/worn that before) but a look so sophisticated even with a bow, blazer and those geeky glasses.. is unattainable. 

Anushka Khanna
This black shimmer number and that pink long jacket are interesting pieces both individually and put together.

Payal Singhal reminds us that color blocking hasn't gone anywhere and is here to stay.. 
and HOW! wow! plus one for the head band/gear.

Mirror work could be tacky but mirrors on white looks fabulous and festive and that's a good thing. I am loving this Payal Singhal ghagra-choli especially the colors.

That's it for now :)


  1. Wow..beautiful Roma's silver tunic and the last dress! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
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  2. wonderful the colors!!