Wearing pitch black and pearl white

My mind is running blank and I am really embarrassed to tell you how many times I 'typed', 'stopped', 'back spaced', 'control+A' and 'del'!!

Writing doesn't come easy to me. I am all for talking. But I still try to write things the way I want the reader to hear. I almost get there.. ummm... I don't know. I guess I do. Yeah? 

Well... don't have to answer that.  

Black and White is Classic. It's timeless. I avoided  wearing black for almost half of my life.. Black always appeared dull to me. White on the other hand cheers up my mood and brightens everything around  (a little too bright in the pics, eh?).

Don't shy away from wearing black and white head to toe. I could have gone for a pop of color in the footwear or bag department but that's more like 'been there done that'. So I kept it simple. 

Well... I was already popping out in the crowd when I stepped out like this :-)

I am wearing - Top: West side, Skinny jeans: Kraus, Necklace: Random, Peep toes: Inc.5, Clutch: Satya Paul, Pearl accessories: West side, Triple owl ring: ASOS, Watch: Dad's 
Check out some of the celebs sport black and white combo

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  1. I love a simple black and white outfit.. It reslly does stand out sometimes with all the colors flowing around!!!