When I say 'what is hot this season' or 'in trend these days', I am actually referring to pieces/patterns/designs/colors/practices that are currently observed and adorned by other fashion lovers and the designers. I don't mean if you wear anything other than what has been doing rounds, you are outdated! or fashion illiterate. I myself am a hater of doing anything just because others are doing it. However, you see a lot of 'trend spot', 'how-to' and 'how not to' on this very blog and facebook page quiet often. It is me telling, 'hey, look! isn't this awesome? do you like it? wanna try it?'. Most of the time, I discovered it and so amazed that I want to share it with you all. All the explanation apart, let's see where is this heading.

Burgundy or Berry is the flavor of the season. I am wondering when has it not been?? (it's so bridal and festive and warm and soothing). A denim in this delish color will be a great investment in your closet. Your denim style will no longer be just casual but dressy and quirky. With a focus on velvet, embellishment and shine, try out tops and dresses. A leather piece would be out of the world. A dress in oxblood color would be so fresh for that evening date. Try out wearing tone-on-tone for a sophisticated chic look. Add a burgundy scarf, satchel or pumps for any monochromatic outfit to lift up your mood.

Want more excuses to add more of this color to your wardrobe? I guess I did my job just fine :)

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