How to look fashionable in Military gear

Forward march with army gear this season. It's a 'been there done that'.. but not so much before! Khaki, military or whatever you call it, is a big hit this fall. Liked by designers, loved by celebs and  embraced by fashionistas across the world. I am talking tough parka, brass buttons and leather trimmings. You admired on men, now add them to your closets.

[Pic source:Elle]
" Strutting in a military gear is no more a myth"

Flaunt your piece in these five different ways

1. Wear that statement military jacket simply over a tee or a button down shirt paired with denim. Throw on a scarf like Katie for a sophisticated chic look or wear it with a belt and thigh high boots like Olivia. This is one of the simplest and easy way.

 2. Plain khaki pants are the easiest to pull off, the printed ones are a trick. However, a plain white tee or shirt is a safe choice. A leather jacket seems to be a favorite of many but Beyonce went all military and still looked so good.

 3. These celebs play a tomboy chic by pairing military jacket with their short dress. I can't spot anything wrong in these looks. They all look so stylish! I would wear this any day with loafers/brogues and be sure to turn many heads. A floral dress would be such a huge contrast hit!

 4. Alexa wears her military jacket with with denim shorts and tee while Kim flaunts hers wearing it with a  printed jumpsuit. Love Kim's look in that khaki skirt paired with stripped tee!! So chic and comfy.

 5. Go all Khaki! This is one style where I would avoid all the fuchsia, tangerine and red I have! No, seriously. It would take it all away from the outfit and make it look like any other monochromatic outfits with a pop of color that you see on every other website. If you can't do it without, add accessories in the similar color palette. I love how elegant SJP and Alexa look in their dresses!

 So, are you digging this trend already? 


  1. al fun ways to wear khaki...havent got any khaki stuff...looks like I should get some!!!

  2. Love their military outfit! the girls look tough. Yes, I would prefer to wear a military jacket over a camouflage jeans.

  3. Oh my! This is really what we call fashion and comfort! Thanks for sharing!

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