Printed dress with denim jacket

If you were following my old blog you already know how much I like this day dress. First of all, it's red! moving on... it has deer prints (I love prints), it is so versatile (check out this post) and the comfortable fit.

I am wearing Dress: Charlotte Russe; Jacket:Lee; Shoes:?; Bag: Hidesign


  1. Shruti,

    Though I visit your space regularly but do not leave comment mostly as it is on girls fashion. This is for your previous post. EGO is the topmost killer of relationships. Next comes being over-possessive. You look very graceful in this dress. May God keep you looking like this always.

    Take care

  2. Charming, Shruti! It's a great combination to with a denim jacket to go along with a stylish dress. I like the lace-up shooties (though usually not into lace-ups much) to go along with this whole outfit.

  3. what I love about thsi outfit are the awesome shoes :)