Animal print and things unsaid

[Dress: Cross roads; tights: ASOS; Bag: West side; Brogues: Aldo (old); Sunglasses: Opium]

I have stopped rambling on my blog but I have an uncontrollable urge to write today. Somethings that I haven't said before and things you don't know about me. 

Here we go

1.  I am not fond of pets but ever since I saw this, I want one! 

2. I want to start a business of my own some day. Simply because I don't like being bossed over. I want to be my own boss! RS and I are on it all the time. 

3.  I am a very good cook. No one in my family knows that. Strange is they don't let me cook and wouldn't even believe. 

4. I am a compulsive shopper. I am not proud of it nor guilty. It makes me happy and that's what matters to me.

5. I love watching horror movies. I read real life murder mysteries solved/unsolved (Wikipedia all the way). That's creepy, I know! 

6. I am the shortest in the family (of five).

7. I stretch on my both sides at least 12 - 15 times a day (that's kinda OCD). May be that's why I never pile up flab on my sides. 


  1. :) u look fab...

    U cook? that's interesting..
    and u are not short at least when u stand beside me :D

  2. nice the shoes :)
    thank u so much for visiting my blog n leaving ur comment....
    wud u like to follow each other?? let me know :)

  3. Shruti,

    Do keep a pet as this takes a lot of tension from mind. Wish you all the best for your own business. Hope to taste your cooking someday.

    Take care

  4. i love the way you express subtle and refreshing......m back after a long time and still find the subtlety and freshness share your cooking tips once in a while...happy writing!

  5. hey can chop off any part or put watermark..its upto you....privacy on blog is really becoming a big issue so understand!!

    looking nice...casual yet chic in the animal print!!

  6. but i hope you are the brightest and most intellegent :) btw nice prints...looks fine on you :)