Be the woman (you always wanted to be)

We have all been the women our parents wanted us to be, the women our brothers wanted to protect and the women our men loved to see. Lets be true to ourselves this Women's day. Be different. :)
I fell in love with 'FCUK's Spring Campaign: You are Woman?' campaign the moment I saw it. So here it comes for you. With every picture I visualize an extraordinary quality that is within every woman I have met and has been trying to come out

Not hide her true self to be someone else and still feel sexy

Gets back up and fight for what she wants. Even though every time she's tried before, she's lost

Break the norms.. embrace the free will.. Jump around with Joy

she is defined by you. Your True woman is very different than anybody else. She could be soft and stubborn at the same time. Forgiving and vengeful and no one would even guess. Accept her because that is all she needs

She stands by what she believes, realizes what she deserves and doesn't settle for less

and oh boy..she puts up with FAR more than she should. and does she ever agree?! No, but she knows

She who takes care of her beloved immensely and often forgets her ownself. Lets pamper ourselves more and more

As I always say never forget to look tall.. because your shoes define your personality (well.. I say that. I am allowed to make opinions. am I not?). Pumps, Peep toes, Boots, Stilletoes, Wedges (they are cute) and flats, there are plenty of them. Go pick some one for every occasion. They are worth it totally. 

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  1. Wow !! loved this :)
    Quite appropriate for my current living and attitude :)