The Woopathon - Bangalore Fashion Bloggers Meet

Wooplr is a social platform where people discover, share and recommend shopping finds in fashion, art, decor and food. When I first heard from them I was absolutely delighted with the very idea because come on' who doesn't like the details of who bought what from where and for how much. Right? Not all stores have their websites and launch new look-books every months. On Wooplr you will even discover some amazing stores and items you never knew existed. It is not just for fashion fanatics but also for all foodies and art lovers. If you visit Wooplr you will know what I am talking about. It has got users/fashion bloggers from all major cities of India and they are still expanding! 

Last December the brilliant faces behind Wooplr organized a bloggers meet in Bangalore. Here I am, sharing these wonderful pics from the event.


We met at Avirate store located at Indiranagar. This was my first visit to this incredibly fashionable boutique and I was amazed by their fabulous collection of apparels, footwear and accessories. A must visit I would say! 


Then we went to The leather boutique. This is an exquisite place for all leather lovers! They have leather jackets, bags, clutches and various accessories to die for. What I loved the most about TLB is the choice of colors they give you. 

The staff was very welcoming and gave us in and out of their products, make and the quality.

The Wooplr guys had a pleasant surprise for us. They took us to Medici! Yes, I just gave you the directions to reach this place because it is AWESOME!

It is a restaurant that serves both French and Italian cuisine. The concept behind the restaurant is to offer to gourmet food without the intimidation that goes with a fine dining restaurant. Good quality food at very affordable price. The ambiance is spectacular. 

Salads were divine, spinach tart was the best in town and deserts left me craving for more. 

I will stop now and let the pictures speak..... Here we go!

Ten lovely bloggers from Bangalore. I was happy to meet and know them all in person.

Go Woopling people! It is worth it 


  1. Lovely !!! u look so pretty :)

  2. Loved the pictures. It looks like you guys had a lot of fun.
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