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When we know our style it becomes easy to incorporate styles that we feel comfortable in and that defines us. When we say ethnic, Indian Women love their salwar kameez, sarees, Long skirts and kurtas. These are the most commonly sold and worn apparels. Women wear them to work, schools & colleges (we are talking lecturers), to functions and various other occasions. We often tend to think they are boring considering the fact that they come in sets/pairs, ordinary textures and a myth that they cannot be worn differently. 

I am here to help you reconsider your India wardrobe. It is not boring and that you can still play with colors and patterns. As I always say, assessing one's style is the key to putting any outfit together. However, there are certain tricks to this trend called 'Mix and Match' we cannot simply pass. Another added advantage of mixing and matching clothes is, it helps you make the most of what you have in your wardrobe.  

Find your best color:

It is the usually the one that looks the best on you. Be your judge, experiment or ask advice from your friends or family members. This is the color that is going to be the highlight of your outfit. No matter what you wear, color palette is going to steal the show. So know what colors look the best on you. 

Top: Fashion Street Mumbai (buy similar here)
Printed patiala: Milange (buy green patiala here)
Kohlapuri flats: Fashion Street
Bag: Vintage Mulberry
Choose complimentary colors:

Once you know your base color to work with, you need to pick the colors that compliment it and don't stand out as an eye sore. It is a very important aspect of mix and match. It is ideal to go with two or three colors at the maximum. More would make you look like a rainbow. I take inspiration from color palettes that I see in nature, magazines and fashion shows. 

If you are doubtful of your choice, it is always safe to go with neutrals. For example, if red is your base color and you think pink would be risky for you, pick beige as a complimentary color. It can never go wrong! 

Blue dress worn as kurta: Westside
Cream stole:  Myntra
Printed leggings: Ritu Kumar
Blue wedges: Lifestyle
Laptop bad: Gucci
Know prints and textures:

Everybody cannot pull of a bold print on print look and often it is not appropriate for the occasion. So it is wise to incorporate one printed apparel for formal events and multiples when attending a fashion event etc. 

You can mix textures like sheer and lace, leather and wool, cotton and anything else.  


While accessories play an important role in any outfit, if you are going for 3 or more colors for your outfit keep the accessories minimal. It is advisable to pick accessories that match with one of colors you are wearing, your base color of the color you would like to make a statement with. In doubt, wear gold or silver toned accessories. 

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Buy blue stone necklace here

Pick the right shoes:

Depending on how many and what colors you choose, make the right choice in the footwear department. Suppose your outfit is bright and colorful or has too many colors and prints, neutral shoes would be the best pick. If your outfit already has neutrals and is subtle, you can wear colored shoes/sandals. You can wear a footwear that is matching with your outfit or go out of the way and sport a new color. Just know what looks the best on you. 

Denim sleeveless shirt: American Eagle
Maroon skirt: Fab India (similar)
Ankle wedges: UCB
Earrings: Goa

There are so many combinations you create with mix and match.. too many to write in one blog post. If you never try, you will never know. I say take time, take inspiration but do try. You might go wrong once or twice.. you create your own rules and you will fetch good results. 

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