Happy is Red

Red has always been my favorite color. I remember as a child and even now, whenever I wear red or choose red over all other colors my Dad used to say that red symbolizes arrogance, violence, anger and it's got a lot to do with the kind of person I am. Well... I love red nevertheless.

For me it's a symbol of happiness. I beat my Monday blues by wearing red, when I want to look glamorous instantly I wear red, when I am happy, I mechanically pick red, when I am looking gloomy, red lips come to my rescue.. Ofcourse, It's got a lot to do with the kind of person I am.. I am a hopeless romantic. 

Checkered shirt: Random shop at Brigade road; Red skinnies:ASOS;
snakeprint peeptoes: Pavers England, Sling bag: Coach

There are subtle ways to wear red.. pair them with neutrals. A very predictable and safe black or with neon for brave hearts. To wear overall red, you just gotta be too much in love with it and not give a damn. 

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  1. Red is my absolute fave too. Whille, I mostly rock all red outfits, I love pairing red with nudes or greys!