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On weekends I usually wake up with a 'I-don't-owe-this-world-anything' attitude.. I wake up late, working out is totally an option, I just make breakfast and convince everyone in the house that it is enough to get through the day and then I indulge in lots of caffeine, alcohol, chicken-everything and some pampering session at the salon. By now you all must know that I love visiting Jean Claude Biguine. I keep mentioning it on Facebook and Twitter that I absolutely love this place and the kind of service they offer. It is not just an indulgence but a luxurious one. 

So, here's the good news. They have opened two new branches in Bangalore. I mean two real hot-spots of the city which you can't miss! One in the Indiranagar and another in Koramangala. Cool right!

I visited the Koramangala Branch which is located right in front of the Raheja Arcade. The place looks perfect, the design as a whole is a reflection of the french luxury with a desi hint. The stylists are cordial and spend time to know what you need and looking for. I trusted them enough to let them color my hair for the first time!!! It says a lot about them than me. Or does it? 

Take a look at the brand new Koramangala branch

An exclusive range of Kerastase and Lorial products

Husband and I choose to try out hair spa. One of the best things about the folk at Jean Claude Biguine is they take you through hair consultation before suggesting hair treatment or hair cut for their customers. Like no exception, this time also their style director did my hair analysis and told me the quality of my hair and what I should use/do to keep them healthy and moisturized. It was a no nonsense straight to the point observation, analysis and proved results. She told me that my hair was dry (Oh, she was too kind) and that she would give me a moisture lock spa treatment using Kerastase products.

The consultation was followed by a divine hair spa session which almost left me in a state of concussion. Just kidding.. it was close to eternity. 

The spa ritual is usually a deep cleansing session where they use shampoo generously and wash your hair and scalp thoroughly followed by a rejuvenating massage using hair mask (according to your need) and booster therapy. After leaving on the product for sometime, there is a wash again and then they blow dry your hair. All in all a complete worth-your-money indulgence experience like nowhere else. 

I came back with hair that was too smooth to be my own.

and a Husband who waited patiently all this while and still managed to look happy. Thanks to his stylist

I am happy that JCB is expanding in India. 4 branches in Bangalore within no time, speaks for their tremendous success in the industry. They provide all range of services for your beauty and make up needs. Go visit them and tell me what you think.

Special thanks to Richa (Assistant Manager – Marketing) for the wonderful experience. 

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