A Quick Hello! and a DIY leather heart necklace

Had a rough week? Don't worry.. you are not alone

Wearing : Biba 

I bring to you a DIY project I did few months ago. DIYs are fun, saves money and a really creative hobby one can develop. It lets you think, design, be creative and the end results are always fun. Remember the amateur me once made this sequin box clutch?  Right, so here is another one. Hope you enjoy it.

I had a leather bag with a flip over cover, the bag got old but the material was solid. So I thought of putting the good old leather to some use. I cut it in 4 even sized heart shapes. The cut outs looked plain so I glued blue stones at the corners to give it a new look. You can even consider painting. Then I put holes at the corners and connected them through rings (from the same old bag). Secure them, use a long chain with hook and your necklace is ready. 

Buying stuff from the stores is one thing, seeing something and making it yourself is an another. It gives you immense pleasure. Making accessories can be a real good hobby/project during holiday season. Go on, be creative!