Desi Beats brings Contemporary India at home: Tangerine

Home is a reflection of our personality like the way we dress and our lifestyle speaks for our individuality and style. At the end of the day, everyone strives to achieve that perfect home that not only becomes your comfort zone but an extension of your personality and a special place for your family and friends. The concept of home decor has been evolving, from days when bed linens served just as basic needs for cover and protection have now become a part of our style where we try and co-ordinate colors with the walls, look for the satin soft qualities in bed linen and designs that go with the whole theme we have set on our minds.

With hundreds of brands available to serve this purpose, very few aim at satisfying our needs just right. Tangerine, a well known designer brand of home solutions is one of the leading brands in the home textile industry in India. Their designs are rich in tradition, vibrant in color and beautifully created by the inventive drapes that catches the mind like no other contemporary fashion for the Indian consumer. From matching bed sheet to comforters and duvets, Tangerine offers everything you need to make a statement at home. They have a whopping nine variety of unique color coordinated themes to suit all occasions, in short they have done half of your job. 

Tangerine has launched their exclusive new collection called Desi Beats, as the name suggests it's a bold reflection of spellbinding Indian art with iconic pop imagery. The colors that add life to one's home. This collection incorporate the essence of modern stripes, ornamental & floral designs infused with bright trendy colors that provide a refreshing twist to fashion. If you are a lover of subtle prints and bright colors like me, you must check out their entire collection. Here's the link to access and shop online. 

Here's a glimpse of the Desi Beats collection


My home is where I spend most of my time, it is where I unwind, be myself, explore myself and it is where all my love resides. We have colored one side of the wall in every room differently to reflect the sun light. I coordinate colors to go perfectly with the colors of wall, curtains, sun shades and bed linen. Being a Fashion blogger puts me under constant scanner by visitors and friends. Just kidding! 
When I was introduced to Tangerine, my quest for that perfect quirky theme for my house came to an end. I have so many colors and patterns to choose from for unbelievably reasonable prize. I ordered a set in beautiful turquoise color with floral print to check for the quality myself. The packaging itself is appealing to sore eye.  Made from 100% cotton with high thread count make the material super soft and comfortable. Further, the beautiful print makes it a must buy. I am exploring their collection and have already shortlisted many more products to make my home more stylish. 

Tangerine offers a vast variety of products including bed sheets, comforters, fitted sheets. bed covers, duvet covers, blankets, cushions, mugs and handbags. You can buy these products by visiting their online store  or on various other online retail stores. 

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