Often we don't speak our mind and regret it later, not that it makes us any better! Because if given another chance to deal with the same situation or people again we still might not speak what we actually think or feel. We feel saying 'no' or putting forward an honest but crude opinion will make the person upset and create conflicts making the whole situation awkward. It usually happens when we are dealing with same people everyday, be it at home or work place. We tend to develop this behavior from past experiences or we are too considerate about others feelings than our own or we simply don't feel the need to call a spade a spade. The times when we actually speak out is when we just don't care and don't mind, which usually happens with strangers the people we have just met and the people we don't want to meet again! That's because we aren't afraid, not afraid to lose them or having to explain. 

The irony is, not speaking your mind means allowing others opinion to manipulate what you believe or perceive. Simply nodding or smiling could mean a lot of things to others. It makes you susceptible and them opinionated, that's even a bigger torture to go throgh. I am a peace lover and I do everything to avoid complicating things around me but many a times the things I don't take stand for become my liabilities and cause turbulence in the mind. Hence it is necessary to stand up and speak out for things you believe in and for opinions that add value to your personality. You don't know what good or bad it might cause you unless you take a chance and stand up for what is right, what defines 'you'.

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  1. Nice post Shru and so true too...I am often confused whether to speak out my mind or just let my heart keep it all in.