Plaids/tartan patterns are cool. They have been in vogue for many years and seems like the trend is here to stay. A plaid shirt can be your best friend in need. If you don't have own any we strongly recommend that you buy one soon. From high end to high street, they are easily available. Choose one in bright color and one that fits you well at the shoulders, length can be normal to long. A relaxed fit can be used in more than one way to create different looks, from classic to grunge. Read further to know more on how to wear plaid more fashionably. 

Pair it with distressed jeans and sneakers for a relaxed look. It is an easy-go-chic outfit to wear while travelling, to school/college or to work on a 
Friday (depending on how distressed is allowed in your work place) 

If your shirt is longer wear it with black skinny leggings or leather pants and sky high pumps to look the best in the crowd.  

Replace your denim jacket with an over-sized plaid shirt to wear with short skater dresses, Plain or printed. It will add spunk to the flirty girly dress. Choose a relaxed pair of sneakers to keep up with the latest trend. This outfit will be perfect for shopping or brunching with the girls. 

You can even wear the plaid shirt it with maxi or long skirts for a feminine-meets-grunge look. Wear it either open like a jacket or belt it at the waist for a more sophisticated look. It's an easy look while running errands.   

We all have days when we feel fat/bloated and suddenly our waist appeared bigger than it actually is, this is when the friendly shirt comes handy. Just tie your plaid shirt across your waist to create an illusion of a thin/defined waistline (just like I did!). It's fun and quirky. Wear sexy brogues and you aren't looking fat anymore. 

The above trick can be used with any outfit not necessarily with jeans and top. 

Wear fitted plaid shirt with short or knee length black skirt and finishing up by wearing high heel sandals will make you look chic instantly. If you are going for a Gothic look, keep accessories black and makeup smokey. 

When attending concerts or catching up with old friends for a stroll, just throw on the plaid shirt open on top of a printed t shirt and old jeans. Team it with your walking shoes and voila You are ready to run!

If you have got legs to wear hot pants and super short denim shorts, don't be afraid to sport a tucked in plaid shirt. Be your own stylist, pair funky accessories and thong sandals.

Wear a thin knit pull over on top of your buttoned up plaid shirt with casual fit trousers. Fold over sleeves to show off the plaid cuffs and collar. Wear collar necklace and you are a chic on the go. You can skip the accessories and wear this for to work.

Knit top Inmark / Plaid Shirt American Eagle / Jeans Levis / Sneakers Asos / Bag Mulbery 

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