Boxy top - Ann Taylor/Boyfriend Jeans - Mango/Brogues - Forever21/Bag - Vintage Mulberry 

Women often tell me how fat they have become lately or why they are not happy about the way they look in photographs or most of the times it's just a number game.. 'hey, what is your body weight?' and I chuckle and start a monologue that usually begins with 'you know body weight does not determine whether one if fat or thin....' so on and so forth. Sometimes I get bored of myself and this entire subject of discussion. But then who can stop talking about it? I myself stand on the machine every weekend and hope to see the scale which apparently has given up on me, go down the margin just once! My body weight has been constant since last 2 and half years except for a few hundred grams here and there. I wonder why! Even though the fact that the clothes I wore in 2010 still fit me and my dress size hasn't changed one bit is relieving enough, I know that I no longer look the same. My face is fuller and my arms have become bigger than they used to be and boyfriend jeans now fit me like second skin. Of course, I am not fat. I am not thin either. It's just that I know my body has naturally varied in proportions (which absolutely is not in my favor) and it is okay! 

That's why it becomes important to know one's body type. I am a pear and happy. It is not something you get to choose/change. Each person's body is different from the other. Our bone structure, the skeletal size, our genes, what we eat, our lifestyle and the nature of our body defines how we look. When we put on weight, it shows in our body and not necessarily evenly. Some tend to show this extra fat around the waist, some on the hips and thighs, some on the back, some develop flabby arms while some grow double chin. Of course, we don't have control over where the fat decides to show up but we do have control over how much fat we allow inside and how we burn the fat which is already present. Spot reduction is a myth, the only way to reduce fat in particular areas is to lose weight overall. I can go on about this for the next 20 years.. 

Stop the number game, stop comparing, stop blaming your body. Don't like how you look? work towards looking better. Wear clothes that compliment your body type. Workout! Wear confidence. 

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