We live in a busy, noisy city that is too posh for fresh air and free minds. What would we not do to get out of this beautiful mess! We drive away from the city to view sun set, we travel miles to feel sea water under our feet.. hell! We even queue up to experience fake snow and fake universe. All this to unwind after a hectic week at work, torturous exam season and get away from our mundane lifestyle. Alright I am taking this too far now, I just want to tell you guys about this little cool place.. far from the city that you just cannot miss to visit when you are in Bangalore. 

The long drive

It is quiet far from the city (approx 40 km from Majestic zone) and is located on the Mysore highway. Better yet? take the NICE road. For those of you who live love-to-drive know how heavenly it is to drive along nice road. It is free of traffic and all the kind of things you would dislike driving in the city. Put on the music on high volume and the ride is heavenly!

It's open 24 hours! (well almost)

When you plan a night out with friends or just want to stay up all night or day on the road, this is the place you can rely on, to welcome you at any odd hour of the night. Spread close to 3 acres of land, this place has space for all the visitors. 

Wide variety menu options

It has a wide menu to choose from! In a city where it is difficult to find a eatery at 2 am, Rasta offers you almost everything to quench your thirst and hunger. Take a look here.

It is safe!

As long as you manage to drive safe to this place! Many people have asked me if it is a safe place for women and children. Located on the highway, this place is crowded most of the times, they have ample of space for parking your vehicles and enough staff and security to ensure customer's safety. They don't serve liquor and have an ambiance that it quiet comforting for women and children. 

It's a perfect pit-stop on the highway

The area, the color and ambiance of this place is all set to give you a perfect getaway experience. Apart from great food and coffee, there are some fun stores you can shop at, like Chilli billi, Try to buy and Random knowledge. It is also a perfect place to watch games with friends. 

Rasta is a VH1 Fab Hangout for the 2nd year in row! We vouch for it. 

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