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It's funny how some people can find solace in shopping. I am an ardent shopper. I shop to celebrate every happy moment, every small victory and end up shopping even when I don't have any reason to shop! One of the main problems shopaholics face is cluttering. Often we end up buying things hat we don't need at the moment, it is called impulsive shopping and sometimes we buy more than we can use and those stuff lay hanging in our closets with the tags intact. I have bought some clothes not my size just because they were being sold at a great deal or because they were too pretty to leave behind. It is only when I clean my closet that I rediscover my hidden treasure. Reasons might be many but the ultimate problem is space. Nobody likes a closet that is full of clothes and shoes but nothing to wear. I constantly try to get rid of the stuff which I don't use to make space for new ones. Have you been in such a situation more than once? I am sure we all have.

Consider another scenario. I am a sucker for vintage fashion. I borrow my mom's old bags and blouses simply because I admire them and my mom lets me have them because she has had enough of her stuff. One woman's junk is another woman's treasure. It's a win win situation, isn't it?

While donating to needy is something I truly believe in and practice every now and then, I would still have things I secretly wished I never bought or I could resell.

A year ago, someone from team Elanic told me that they were working on a concept that would allow users to sell and buy pre owned stuff at the touch of their mobile screen. As much as I wanted it to be true I was skeptical about how it would turn out. Few months later, Elanic was live and how!

Elanic is an app that allows you to sell and buy almost anything. The procedure is simple and hassle free. You don't have to move an inch. Just click and upload the picture on Elanic app and their team will do the rest. It cannot get any simpler, right?

So, here's your quick guide to using this wonderful app

  • Install Elanic app on your mobile phone - link here. Use unique referral code 'MSS' to receive Rs.200 Elanic credit 
  • Sign up - using your email/google/facebook
  • Create a profile 
  • Start listing by uploading pictures of the items you would like to sell, provide a brief description and quote your price
  • Your listing will be verified and approved by team Elanic and once they approve, your listing goes live.
  • Buyers contact you through a live chat system in case they have any queries or for price negotiations.
  • Once your product is sold, you will be intimated via email and your product will be picked up, verified, sanitized and packed by Elanic and shipped to the buyer.
  • Once the buyer confirms the receipt of the item, your account will be credited with the amount as elanic credits which you can encash. Ta Da!!
  • All this at a commission of 10% which goes to Elanic and the shipping price of the item that depends on the weight. 
If you are on the buying end

  • Select the item you want to purchase, chat with the seller in case of any queries.
  • Click 'buy now' and checkout using one of various payment options
  • Don't like what you bought? you can return the items in case of size issue or any discrepancies with how it was displayed. again, picked up and returned by team Elanic.
Buying and selling pre owned stuff was never so easier. My experience with Elanic both as a seller and buyer has been pleasant and hassle free. It has helped me make space in my closet and shopping guilt free!

Be sure to check out their FB page here. You can checkout the blog store on the app, look for Mysugarlesstyle. Happy shopping ;) 

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