10 Things I Wish Someone Told Me About Pregnancy

When I took 'the test' and that magical line appeared red and screamed right in my face 'THIS IS IT', I literally had jitters. The kind of excitement I hadn't experienced ever before. At the same time I asked myself if I was ready for it! Silly, I thought and began to digest the news. Of course we were ready, this was no 'accident'.

It seemed like I knew all about pregnancy. After all, I had seen my sister go through it twice, I have heard the important points from mom, cousins and friends.
When you are pregnant along with those congratulations messages you also tend to receive a lot of unsolicited advice, an overwhelming attention and a series of questions/predictions/opinions you did not ask for. I don't like all of them. I ask when I need to know, I answer when I feel it is required and I am definitely not the one to listen to anyone's future predictions about when and how my water is going to break!

Ironically, in this post I am going to tell you the 10 things you wished somebody told you when you were pregnant.

1. There are no accidents

You are calculating your periods, you have apps on your smart phone to tell you when you are ready/ovulating/won't get pregnant.. I mean come on! With all the technology in the world you say 'I thought it was safe...'. When you have unprotected sex the chances of you getting pregnant or not are equal. Which brings me to the second point

2. It is not easy for some

I know couple who have been trying to have baby for months and years without success. While some get lucky others have to wait. I would say if you haven't concieved in 6 months, you should visit your gynaecologist. We live in a world where some people still think that taking potency test is a taboo, some times it's not potency alone, there are so many factors that can affect conception and it is better to know and treat it before it's late.

3. Every pregnancy is different

So I had the worst 6 months of my life. Nausea, varicose veins, cramps, food aversions you name it I had it. My friend who was pregnant at the same time didn't have any! She could eat anything she liked and keep it down too. It used to make me sad and sick at the same time because I was hungry and couldn't eat. There are some things you cannot control about your pregnancy so you got to accept and stay strong.

4. Don't waste your time taking gender puzzles

Oh! I lost count of how many puzzles I took to know which tiny human I was growing inside. Every damn puzzle I took said it is a girl but voila! My fella was a dude. So.. don't take those stupid tests.

5. You cannot predict the gender by your cravings

I was told if I craved for more sweets it would be a boy because girls like spicy food (huh?). All my pregnancy I craved for bland food. The first 3 months I had a sweet tooth and the rest 3 I couldn't eat anything at all and last trimester I hogged on red peppers!!! You can only keep guessing.

6. 'Pregnancy glow' not everybody gets it

The infamous pregnancy glow never happened to me! From the moment my care taker started me on folic acid and vitamins I was waiting to get that tinted skin and lustrous hair.. both never happened! Nevertheless people you walk into will definitely tell you that you are glowing, because come on' what else can you tell a pregnant woman?!

7. Emotional turmoil 

We all know that women are all about hormones. We literally live on them. I have always had my ups and downs on that emotional ale while PMSing (even otherwise) but imagine that at a magnitude of 10 times! YES pregnancy can do that to you. There were days I would cry all night just because chicken was overcooked. Husband would keep guessing until I finished.

8. Take time to choose your doctor

I aimed for a normal delivery, I always wanted to give birth naturally but my gynaecologist didn't seem to be very supportive of that. She never said I would have a c section but she also never assured me that we were going to try for normal. I could not connect with her much but we consulted her throughout because she always answered my calls and also because we consulted her the first time. It was only through the mid way that I realised that we didn't have to. So please take second opinions, try different doctors and find the one who listens to you patiently and understands your needs. 9 months is a long time and you might be 100th patients to her but for you, it is the most precious time of your life.

9. Eat what you can keep down

Nausea is bad. Nausea can get really really bad when you are pregnant. I had complete aversions to all the favourite things I loved to eat, overnight! Stick to the dos and don't your doctor and mom suggests you to but also eat whatever you can keep down because you need energy to get through pregnancy. There are not too many items on the 'not to eat while you are pregnant' list so if you are not able to eat one, try another but do not starve.

10. Don't lose the zeal

Of course! you might say. I started my pregnancy journal with excitement and determined to do it everyday but I lost the track in between, thanks to nausea and fatigue. When you are pregnant there are days when you feel completely lethargic, irritated and wish it would all end soon. In the midst of all the problems, try not to lose the positivity within you. Tell yourself every morning that you are growing a little human in your womb who is going to make your life beautiful and worthwhile and how grateful you are for this blessing. It is important to stay happy for an overall healthy pregnancy

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