Interior Decor With Maxima Tiles

New year is here. If you are a believer in making and keeping resolutions we would get along really well. What stays constant every year in my list of resolutions for self improvement and better living is keeping my house neat and beautiful. This year there are additional things I have to look forward to. With our baby growing into a toddler and keeping in mind his safety and our interests together we have planned to redecorate our home. Yes, you heard me. Working on your own house is an exciting and very rewarding process when done right. End of year 2016 also marked for beautiful new beginnings for some of my dear ones who got married and moved in with their partners to build their dream home. So I thought why not write a blog post about it.

I am not an interior designer. For a novice like me it is an overwhelming task. Whether you are redoing an entire house or just a part of it, it is important to break the designing work into smaller segments to make it less daunting. It helps in making the task easier on your hands. By segments I mean floors, walls, furnitures, colours, patterns, textures and accessories can be considered and handled individually keeping in mind the time line, budget and requirement. Also living area, dining, balcony, bedrooms and bath rooms too can be worked upon individually and cohesively. It's a personal choice. I deliver better when any given task is divided based on their priorities and urgency. 

The first and foremost step is to decide on the theme. Once you have a design plan set, it becomes easy to collect the materials based on the foreground. For example living area is the most frequently used part of any house, it is where the family spends most time and visitors are received so naturally people spend a lot of time and money on their living room decor. The vast space allows for wide varieties of colour and texture to play with. Bed rooms are where we go to rest and relax so we prefer them to be a subtle and warm. This distinguishes each segment from the other. 

Floor tiles are the most important aspect of interior decoration not only because they cover the larger surface of the house like floors and walls but also the fact that they form the very base of any theme you select. They can be chosen to complement the furnitures and accessories in the house, the colour of the walls. Flooring is something you wont consider changing frequently, so they have to superior in quality. Tiles are not just restricted to floor, they can be used to create art work on the walls as well. Oasis Tiles India, one of India's largest tiles company offers such vide range of tiles to meet every requirement of their customer. They offer tiles in innovative designs, superior quality and finishing that they are my one stop shop for all the flooring and wall tiles requirement. 

We wrote about the company in our previous post where we mentioned about their new milestone, the launch of Maxima - an exclusive range of hight value double charged vitrified tiles. It is the largest range of Double Charge Vitrified Tiles in India. With a stylish and sophisticated look coupled with great strength, Maxima not only caters to domestic requirements but is also a perfect fit for commercial spaces. These are wall tiles and floor tiles available in the sizes of 1200x800mm and 800x800mm. Oasis is the Pioneer of the 800x800mm type in India. Great Strength, More than 90% Glossiness, Nano Coating and Stain Free are the major features of Maxima.

Here are pictures to throw some light on how Maxima tiles can be incorporated into making your dream home and office decor come true. 

For the subtle lover in you

Sophistication meets class

Let your floor speak for you

Life couldn't be more simpler with pet problems

Walls and floor tiles co-ordinated to breathe warmth into the air

For the tough and stylish 

Maxima range of tiles are super stylish, tough, versatile and offer a vide range of tiles to choose from. 

With so many options available in market, Oasis Tiles India is a class apart with quality and design. I hope you make the right choice considering the requirements for your dream home. 

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